10 Reasons why you should do a background check before buying a plot

Reasons why you should do a background check before buying a plot

The aura of owning your own 8 pounds of earth in this country is simply irresistible. Land merchants both real and fake are on every broadcast and paper cutting. It’s not a bad idea at all to own some land but here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

1. It may be the eye of the storm in a family feud therefore putting you money there enjoins you to the family conflict that may go on for decades.

2. Some neighbourhoods are known to be governed by illegal gangs. People may not freely disclose such information for fear of reprisal. Buying land in such a neighborhood will put you in an easy situation. You’ll have to pay illegal gangs to perform any development on your own land. You will have to pay for security failure of which you of your tenants will have to contend with intimidation and harassment.

3. The land may be a old river course that some people diverted to reclaim a plot. However during heavy rains a river will naturally find its natural course. Woe unto you if you have already constructed a house in such a plot. I’ve seen people evacuated with a chopper from the roof of their own houses at Kahawa Sukari valley.

4. You may get a deal too sweet to walk away little did you know that the plot you bought was a road reserve or a bypass. You may even live there for years but the bulldozers come knocking you’ll be a woman of many sorrows.

5. You may buy from an unscrupulous Sacco or individuals posing as angels such to discover that the land you paid for doesn’t belong to them or that 40 of you have unwittingly paid for the same piece of land. Beware of #ViciousSaccos

6. You may build your house and live peacefully for 2 years. The one day a smoky noisy factory is opened just over your fence. When you complain you are shocked to discover the area was marked as an industrial zone and you are in fact the intruder.

7. You built a beautiful maisonette just to discover all your neighbors are constructing flats infringing on your privacy. The truth hits you that the area doesn’t have controlled building policy. Anything goes.

8. The plot you have paid for may have such a weird shape making it very hard to come up with a decent design for a house. You may find it’s a triangle or a trapezium.

9. The seller wanted to maximize on his profits and subdivided the plots without proper access roads. You find yourself trapped and no one is willing to give up a single foot of his property for road construction.

10. The area maybe prone to tribal, clan or post election clashed. You may have settled in an area where you have to begin afresh every five years because of political violence. It is unfortunate that a democratic nation should have such a problem but the truth is such places exist in our country.


Be watchful.